Friday, 20 February 2015

The power of 'sleeping through'

It's happened!

Long ago I had resigned myself to the morbid reality that we, may never sleep from one evening through to the following sunrise uninterrupted ever again. 
Our eldest, head strong treasure turns 4 next month. Four long years, almost 1,469 broken nights sleep: throw in a new baby last year and you can begin to see how we have often considered moving our parents in to help!
BUT it happened, my husband broke the frankly, dreadful, lazy habit of Darcie coming into our bed EVERY night for 4 years. It took 2 weeks of hardcore sleep training in which Darcie cried, I cried, Darcie shouted, we pleaded, and in the end we broke it.
Freedom! We have our bed back, we sleep, Darcie sleeps- our ToddlerMonster Lila continues to need her night feed. BUT we are half way there, and last week we had our first full uninterrupted night sleep since having our dear children. 
Wow I woke feeling like I needed, and possibly could, change the world! Let me at it! I could tackle anything! I settled for cleaning the bathrooms and making a cake. - a step in the right direction, no?!

Now it's Darling Daughter No.2's turn!! Watch out! 

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Surviving Half Term...

I have never run a marathon; I have no interest in being puffed out, sweaty, and utterly exhausted. Oh but hold on, for those of us that avoided that form of torture there was a whole other marathon awaiting us: The School Holidays! 
My darling daughter is just coming up to 4, a big deal in her world. She believes that at the age of 4 she will have her own iPad, be able to walk to school on her own AND have her ears pierced! Honey, I have news for you... Anyway that's besides the point: a week with no nursery school to wear out my little angels legs and brain will mean that my little legs and smaller brain will become DOA. Activities, play dates, grandparent play dates, daddy/daughter time. OH and my 1 year old chimpanzee. Yes, she climbs on Everything. Now where did I put the coffee table that screws halfway up my lounge wall?
my checklist for half term survival:

  • Local Zoo
  • Wine 
  • Play dates (carefully selected children...)
  • Wine
  • 'Craft' - throw a load of paper, pens and glue onto kitchen table: leave to create!
  • Lots of wine & chocolate
Good luck mumas- see you on the other side: clutching that edge.